Samuel S. Bauer

Samuel S. Bauer

Co-founder and Krav Maga Head Coach

IMPACT Martial Arts Co-founder & Krav Maga Head Coach. With a lifelong passion for martial arts, he overcame challenges through training. Committed to empowering others in self-defense and fitness.

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Samuel S. Bauer

Samuel S. Bauer is our founder and Krav Maga head coach. He is an experienced trainer and instructor. He has had a great enthusiasm for martial arts since his childhood and has continuously trained in various martial arts since then. Martial arts and especially Krav Maga/self-defense have been his greatest passion for decades. For a long time it was his most important hobby, later realized as his dream job!

He trained at various martial arts schools. The most important one is that of Sharir R. Richman from ICCS Krav Maga / MMA Jerusalem, Israel.

Samuel has experienced hard times and violence at times in his past. Martial arts and Krav Maga helped him deal with it and develop into a good, successful direction. He experienced the power of change from these trainings himself. That's why he is extremely motivated and happy to be able to pass this on to many people and support them in becoming fitter, stronger and more self-confident. 

No matter what age, gender or origin, he is enthusiastically at his students' side to help them achieve their goals!