Maxime Junak

Maxime Junak


Maxime utilizes his over 15 years of experience and A-license in strength sports to create personalized training plans that incorporate the latest scientific findings. His passionate and professional care aims to sustainably improve the fitness goals of his clients.

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Maxime Junak

Maxime not only brings over 15 years of experience as an athlete and coach in strength sports, but he is also officially recognized through his A-license as a fitness trainer. His expertise spans a variety of training methods and the latest scientific insights, which he specifically incorporates into his training plans. Through individually tailored programs, he ensures that each workout is optimally aligned with his clients' personal goals and physical conditions.

Whether you want to build muscle mass, increase your strength, or simply improve your fitness, Maxime offers tailored care focused on long-term success and sustainability.

His commitment and passion for sports make him an ideal partner on your journey to a healthier and stronger self.