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IMPACT Martial Arts stands for drastic change.
With everything we do, we empower you to live your life in the most impactful way

The story behind our School

The story of our community dates back to 2021. Samuel S. Bauer founded a school (ICCS) that focused exclusively on Krav Maga training to give people in Zurich self-confidence in dangerous situations. In the summer of 2023, Sam met Ruben Crawford and the two immediately hit it off. Ruben’s professional MMA background formed the perfect synergy with Sam’s self-defense experience.

The recipe for success was born.
We are motivated and determined to continue to grow our IMPACT and expand the great community. Everyone is welcome to become part of this success story. Just come along to a trial training session and take a look!

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In the
Heart of Zurich

Our Gym couldn't be more central: Only a few walking minutes away from Zurich Main Station

THE core values we believe in

Strong Body

Strengthen your Body in diverse ways. Martial Arts give you Strength, Cardio and Flexibility like a Gym never could.

great vibes

Our Community is our pride and joy. Egos are left at the door. We trust each other in training and create events and friendships beyond.

Strong mind

Practicing Martial Arts is the most direct way of facing your fears. The confidence that grows let's you tackle your life's challenges with newfound ease.

Create Impact

A great IMPACT starts with yourself. Invest in yourself and you'll affect the people around you in the most positive ways.

Our Team

Samuel S. Bauer

Co-Founder & Krav Maga Head Coach

Ruben Crawford

Co-founder & MMA Head Coach



Natassja Eckerström



MMA Coach



Maxime Junak



5-Star reviews
on Google!

“above and beyond”

The trainer goes above and beyond to create a welcoming and friendly environment. I've felt completely at ease while learning self-defense techniques here. The atmosphere is top-notch, making every session an absolute pleasure. I wholeheartedly recommend these classes for anyone seeking to boost their self-confidence and skills.

Matic Kasnik

“One class was enough for me to know I wanted to come back”

One free class was enough for me to know I wanted to come back/get a subscription. The self-defense Sam teaches is great (both the knowledge and his teaching style) and so far, every time I walk away with a more intense/sweaty workout than my visits to the regular gym. Looking forward to learning more techniques and growing my self-confidence even more. I’ll also add that my German skills are not great and Sam is good at teaching in English! That the location is so close to HB is a bonus too.

“Really good atmosphere and people!”

Really cool training! The classes are made to enjoy while exercising. Really good atmosphere and people!

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In the heart of Zurich 2 walking minutes from Limmatplatz

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